Spring 2015

Spring 2015
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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Light Night at Dezigne - Nottingham Hockley

On the 28th of February 2014 it was Light Night in Nottingham.
We had great fun here at Dezigne preparing for the night. Although I have to admit it was a lot of work but thanks to help from local designers and artists we managed to make it happen.

Jolanda from The Workshop - Nottingham a lighting designer lent us 800 Bohemian crystals. We decided to make something interesting for the shop, well it was easier said than done. The first string of crystal took us 2 hours to make, after 5 strings we nearly gave up. Eventually after 10 days and experimenting we managed to make a string in 15min and the chandelier was just finished in the morning of light night -it looked stunning !

Having had a chat with local artist Paul Matosic and thinking what else we could make I visited his garage where we sifted through loads of items we came across a box of photographic slides. The slides were of memories and travel experiences from all around the world from one of Paul friend`s dad who is no longer with us.

The idea came - why don't we make a huge QR code - Retail and Art working together.
So off we went to The Workshop - Nottingham and started work.
I was a bit worried that it would not look good or interesting and our 3 days work to make it would be wasted - how wrong I was. The QR light sculpture was stopping people in their tracks and they were interacting with it - trying to scan it with their phones, taking photos and spending a lot of time looking at all the photos. Pleasantly surprised. - Interactive Dynamic retailing using Art.

Steve from Kotch Design also made some experimental lamp shade forms. He is an eco designer and his forms were made by knitting and fusing lace together.

Daniel from ReLit Design also brought into the shop a selection from his art work as well as some very interesting iconic mid century refurbished lights of which one was sold on the Light Night. 

Upstairs in the Coffee bar we had projections from designer and fashion photographer duo Hue of Two. A fantastic selection of artistic and fashion photos that kept the visitors looking all the time whilst sipping our special brew Machinato coffee and eating a slice of Chloe's home made almond and raspberry cake.

Oh and I had 2 of my LED light sculptures which are on permanent display.

It ended up being a very interesting and buzzy night We felt there needed to be more activities in the area and we wish we could have done even more.

We will keep working as hard as we can to keep design and art work in our shop. Looking forward to more events like this.

Finally a massive thank you to The Nottingham City Council and in particular the Arts and Events Department that featured us in their Light Night city trail map.

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