Spring 2015

Spring 2015
Illustration by Sophia Watts

Saturday, 12 May 2012

A colourful wake up....

I just woke up this morning, very mellow from last night’s fantasy epic movie (Solomon Kane) and a glass of rose (ok it was 2 glasses).

Very nice sunny morning - I went outside to leave some recycling in my outhouse and there it was - a large parcel. I was so confused … “I didn’t order anything” I thought. It was well wrapped and difficult to open, just open it a bit and saw the word “COLOUR”. Now even more confused I had to get a big knife to finish opening the parcel!

Inside were three  inspirational architectural books about colour and a magazine in time- line style  - all by the late Tom Porter.

Ok time for fresh ground coffee……

What an inspirational morning .The books were sent by his wife Andree along with a brief for a light design commission for her new apartment in France.

I just started work thinking and designing. I would like to have this light ready for Designers Resolutions 5 at Antenna Nottingham and exhibit it along with the books I received.

Andree is delighted to exhibit this light as it is in memory of Tom Porter and celebrates his work as a Designer Architect and colour expert. 

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