Spring 2015

Spring 2015
Illustration by Sophia Watts

Monday, 9 September 2013

We recently went to Athens for a few weeks to do some more improvements to our flat in the suburb of Faliro as we have started to rent it out for short term rentals. This is great way to have an affordable stay in this wonderful ancient (and modern city) and at the same time get a flavour of life as lived by Athenians.
Apart from the usual attractions Athens has fantastic cafe's , bakeries and street markets. The local town beaches aren't bad either and there are many beach bars and beach clubs along the coastline from Faliro down to Vougliameni.
Faliro itself is well placed for visiting the City Centre, the main port of Piraeus where the ferries take travellers to the islands, the local beaches and marina. 
 If you are interested in staying at the Apartment please click on the link:

 Dia Noche Bar at Faliro Marina where you can have a meal, a cocktail or simply a refreshing Freddocino.
 The Marina at Faliro which is packed with luxurious yachts ! This is just 10 or 15 minutes walk from the apartment.
 One of the local free beaches. There are charges for sunbeds and umbrellas though.
 Palet - a nearby cake shop which sells fresh pastries, cakes, sweets and homemade ice cream.
There are bakeries and patisseries in all of Athens suburbs selling goodies -usually all baked in house.
 A lovely taverna -right on the beach at Faliro.
 One of the many cafe's in Athens City Centre where you can cool off and take a break from all that sight seeing !
You MUST visit the Acropolis Museum.
The apartment's terrace which has a shaded area where you can eat your meals or just enjoy a drink. (Do use mosquito repellant in the summer though!) 
 The apartment's kitchen which is spacious and has plenty of storage space.
The lovely free beach at Vougliameni where the water is super-clear. Great for snorkelling. 
There is a charge for parking and sunbeds though.

The beach cafe where you can enjoy a cool drink, snack or meal.

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