Spring 2015

Spring 2015
Illustration by Sophia Watts

Sunday, 16 November 2014

It was really quite sad that a new Poundworld store opened this week in a premium retail space in Nottingham City Centre. The city already has 6 pound stores -do we really need another?
Don't get me wrong, pound stores are great for buying basics such as toilet rolls and cleaning supplies but surely enough is enough.

On a far more positive note we visited the Christmas Market at Derby Roundhouse and it was absolutely packed - both with visitors and stalls.
This is the event's fifth year and it has certainly grown from three years ago when I went. There are far more exhibitors (about 100) and it has obviously built up a great reputation in the area.
The event is organised by Fabulous Places which seeks out and promotes independent  shops, cafes and makers.
It's great to see that handmade and artisan produce is very much appreciated by the shopping public. 
Outside the venue there was a food market and inside a great variety of cakes, artisan breads, locally brewed beers and cheese suppliers as well as jewellery, ceramics, glassware, Christmas decorations, etc.

We didn't get to see everything as the place was so crowded - thankfully not everyone wants to go to Primark and Poundland ! It helps to validate what we are trying to achieve at Dezigne - there is a market place for unique, handmade, good quality products - made locally!

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