Spring 2015

Spring 2015
Illustration by Sophia Watts

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Since opening the Dezigne shop in November 2013 -  a new creative venture on the High Street in Hockley, Nottingham, there have certainly been many challenges and there is a lot of hard work ahead but we are kept in a positive frame of mind from the fantastic comments from customers and from the wonderful handmade items from mainly local designers and makers that we have in the shop.

A recent update by Mary Portas on the progress of the 'High Street' is also encouraging and makes us feel that we are not alone with what is going to be a difficult task.
I especially like this comment:

'But what the research today is telling me is that the High Street is also organically healing itself through the simple power of plucky entrepreneurs who, despite all the bleak warnings from so many commentators, give it a go.'

'We must must must come up with a new way of managing and promoting the hopes and aspirations of all these people who are so keen to have a go. It’s tough for them, really tough, especially in the first 12 months and they deserve help.'

We have loads of ideas for the coming year and there is much to do but with the help and support of our customers and suppliers we can make it!

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